*Vandalism - New Party w/NAHAVAND
irregularly since Jan 27th 2018

*GEEKS AND FREAKS - a new playground for all the geeks and freaks from Osaka
Irregularly since Nov 19th 2017

•GROOVER - Every 3rd Saturday at COVENT GARDEN

•ALTER-NITE - Every 2nd Sunday at BAR JAAI

•Jukebox Baby - Every 1st Wednesday at TRIANGLE

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The tracks from Anderson .Paak I like to play drums to most
i put all the songs i ever made in this playlist. plus all the songs i produced for other ppl ! and look at this picture of me and larry!
Eventually it’s time to make moves and pick up the energy. Maybe it’s breakfast, maybe it’s a walk, a bike ride, or a long drive with all the windows down. Can you almost feel the desert wind that makes the trees move? We share something in common, dancing to all the Songs with Palms.
The first half of the day is best soundtracked by relaxing tunes that will prepare you for whatever the sun brings. But be easy, because the sun is mighty. It’s like when you want to get to Coachella early to discover something new. A long day awaits, so stay cool and you'll be Made in the Shade.
Every 3rd Saturday DJ Night at Covent Garden OSAKA JAPAN
The official voice of generation next ... Cover: Baka Not Nice
A Pitchfork Radio exclusive playlist curated by Thom Yorke during Radio's Houston, Texas pop-up at <a href="https://pitchfork.com/features/photo-gallery/pitchfork-radio-day-for-night-2017/">Day for Night</a> festival. “It’s not this year’s music, it’s just the music that comes out of my walls at home.”—Thom Yorke
In no particular order, here are our top 100 tracks that were released this year. Hit shuffle and tune in to our office favourites.
From Fever Ray to Kendrick to King Krule, the album as an art form took on new resonance this year. <a href="https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/the-50-best-albums-of-2017/">These</a> are the best of the best.
An exclusive new station for GTA V from Frank Ocean and co-hosts Vegyn, Roof Access and Fed featuring chat and personal musical selections from Frank and his co-hosts spanning Rock, Hip-hop, Soul, UK Grime and more over the station&#x27;s 28 songs (including 6 songs by Frank Ocean himself)
All hail the eyebrow ring.
Throw up your horns and get loud with the latest kickass metal tracks! Cover: Machine Head
Music for Netflix&#x27;s Mindhunter. Accepting submissions at musicfordrinking@gmail.com - Please send a track or two, not full albums
All the freshest content all in one place! <a href="https://open.spotify.com/user/neversaydieofficial/playlist/0KEWfN1VI1gQIuZwnnyZrV">Never Say Die</a> and <a href="https://open.spotify.com/user/neversaydieofficial/playlist/1TrgmJG9m8VszOg9Nn5TKw">Black Label</a> 2017 releases. Follow for regular updates.