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I'm Didier Merah who is composer, pianist, poet and artist. I love the beautiful world, and I live to create them themselves.

Didier Merahは世界の先端を行く作曲家、及び芸術家、執筆家です。美しい音楽、芸術の全てを愛し、それらを生み出すことをミッションとして生きて居ます。
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We've been collecting our favorite Balkan's blass or Balkan's swing tracks.
Including Samba, Salsa, Rumba & Cumbia to Merengue etc.
BGM collection vol.2 selected by Didier Merah. Please listen at tea time or your sweetest twilight. Didier Merahが選んだ究極の、穏やかな午後を過ごす為のBGM集。
Great works born in Brazil and Portugal are gathered in this PlayList.
The collection of Arabic music selected by Didier Merah.
BGM collection selected by Didier Merah. Please listen at tea time or your sweetest twilight.
主にアフリカの音楽を集めて居ます。━ I collect mainly African music.
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Sons de la nouvelle garde pour débuter votre journée.
Never miss a new release! Catch all the latest music from artists you follow, plus new singles picked just for you. Updates every Friday.
Ouça as novidades e relembre os sucessos do trio formado por Marisa Monte, Arnaldo Antunes e Carlinhos Brown!
Melancholic piano-based music, compiled by UK pianist & composer Simeon Walker. Updated monthly; 20 songs or 1 hour long. Can you spare an hour to be still and just listen? #sadpianomusic #morethanbackgroundmusic
Gypsy jazz, manouche jazz and hot club jazz.
Jatuh hati lagi untuk kali kedua dengan karya terbaik Raisa
With El Arrebato, Diego El Cigala, Nolasco and more
With Omar Sosa, Joachim Kühn, Enrico Pieranunzi and more
With Rick Braun, Joe Sample, Norman Brown and more
With João Donato, Jair Rodrigues, Vinícius de Moraes and more
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