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Fantasy RPG background music medieval ambient / Tabletop epic music for Dungeons & Dragons D&D / Gloomhaven sessions / Magic the Gathering / MtG. Epic music / inspiring / celtic music / Tolkien / rpg music / Lord of the Rings / reading / studying / read books / fantasy books / writing
** FOLLOW THIS PLAYLIST ** All of your favourite video game soundtracks orchestrated so that you can relive your adventures once more! Make sure to follow the Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra on Spotify to stay up to date with his latest releases! Follow me on YouTube :D www.youtube.com/trendorchestra
A weekly updated selection from our favourite tracks distributed through us! Cover: Sj3ik
A collection of my favorite soundtracks and related classical music. I have a great passion for cinematic music and regularly update the list with new tracks. So stay tuned and enjoy! For suggestions: ts_royal@web.de - Also checkout my new chill cmbient playlist for focus and relaxation!
Collection of beautiful traditional asian / far east music / japanese music / Total War Three kingdoms / shogun / samurai / ninja shinobi tenchu chinese music with samurai / kung fu / oriental feel for tai chi / taijiquan, chi kung, kung fu, taijiquan or meditation use 太极拳 / 功夫 / 传统的亚洲音乐 yoga
Game to the biggest, baddest movie and videogame soundtracks of all time.
DnD / D&D / Dungeons and Dragons - Epic music / Battle music / Intense music / Conflict contains intense soundtrack tunes for generic battle use. Part of the playlist series for rpg / role playing game / fantasy music background use.
Relaxing Cinematic Music / video game music, study, focus, entspannung, relajante is a collection of relaxing and beautiful cinematic soundtrack music / video game music. Study / reading / writing / relajarse hermosa massage / spa / relax / therapy
A mind-blowing collection of Official Movie Scores, Game Soundtracks and a hand-picked sampling from the most epic composers throughout the decade! Every track is selected with care. Made to be shuffled. - William Eklöf | Contact: Instagram @willeklof | In collaboration with Position Music.
Hits from your favorite video games: Legend of Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Guild Wars.
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