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Happy songs by alternative bands. Any listener can connect with these indie jams.
These are the bands you need to know. #RockThis Cover: Shinedown
No need to stress out. Stay relaxed with these easy, upbeat songs.
Unwind and let the afternoon unfold in all its acoustic glory. #afternoonacoustic | Cover Artist: Molly Parden
Soundtrack your life with some low-key gems from the place where indie goes acoustic. Cover: S. Carey
Beat Records2月の新曲公開プレイリスト!
2017年1月に公開/リリースされた楽曲などから、Beat Recordsのアーティストを集めたプレイリスト。基本単曲。
Warm latte, soft comfy chair, and some nice mellow tunes ... perfection.
All Ben Howard's discography in one place, with new tracks added as they are released. MORE PLAYLISTS
Spring is in the air... somewhere... Uplifting acoustics to see you through the season.
Take an hour to slow it down with some calming keys and strings.
I focused more on the way I Choose You makes me feel more than the message of the song. There is something buoyant and head-bobbing about all these songs. Interesting, meandering melodies and uplifting rhythmic feels. They make me smile. The way love should hopefully make your heart feel.
The best music for just chilling.
A soft start to your morning -no fast beats, screaming, or shouting allowed.
The dance music condition with Ghastly, the mystifying oracle.
Get cozy. Let your worries and cares slip away ...
日本のポップシーンを彩る最新のヒット曲をお届けします。毎週月曜日更新。Cover: Official髭男dism 🐺 今週は15曲初登場! : 女王蜂、SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS, SANABAGUN., 尾崎裕哉, さかいゆう, SUSHIBOYS等 #今のサントラ
The best self selection from all past and upcoming releases.
Just chill...
国内最大級の映画レビューサービス「Filmarks(フィルーマークス)」セレクトの80年代サウンド。映画『アトミック・ブロンド』のサントラから派生したオリジナルの80’sプレイリストです♪ 解説記事も公開中!! https://filmaga.filmarks.com/articles/1483/
Instant classics from yesteryear to now in one sweet mix of chill tracks and unplugged versions.
Nicely chilled electronic notes to calm your bones, with Jon Hopkins. Similar vibes: Brain Food, microtherapy, Deep House Relax, Lowkey Riddim, Creamies, Night Rider.