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Hey there! I'm Ankh Wave, Brazilian Synthwave producer and artist.

When I watched Tron Legacy I fell in love with Synthwave and I wanted to be a part of this world, it took some time but finally the Ankh Wave project started in April 2021.

Since then, my songs have been played on Twitch (Static Realms, Outworld Sounds), radio and podcasts like Nightride.fm, Artefaktor Radio, SineFm, Synth Zone, The Quarentine Club and J360 Jams. In addition, , and album have earned good reviews in the words of Karl Magi.

The first big reach of this project came with the posting of the Official Music Video for on The 80's Guy YouTube Channel. In March of this year the album was also posted and entered into the mix of another great Channel, Astral Throb.

Next, I made the Chiptune for the 8bit PC game "Rocket Attack" which was added to LukHash's playlist.

As for my music, I really enjoy exploring Synthwave's dimensions by bringing something new to each track, so you can expect something experimental, but always honoring Synthwave's roots.
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