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Mind-blowing chops and faster-than-lightning guitar runs come together in this collection of Gypsy jazz.
Here's to the groom! Enjoy your last evening of freedom....
Get the party going with these classic hits from across the decades.
A collection of classic 12" singles guaranteed to take you back to the dance floors of the vinyl era.
Revive your soul with this playlist, featuring updated takes on classic R&B and soul tunes.
Experience the powerful messages and sounds of these gospel tunes.
Alternative meets electronic. Cover: Beck
Rock this list to help you rock that last rep. Gainz.
Let Oasis 'Live Forever' with these essentials.
Still standing after all these years. Here are some of the many highlights from the <a href="spotify:artist:3PhoLpVuITZKcymswpck5b">Rocket Man</a>'s glittering career.
Celebrated masters of 'French touch', blending electro elegance with cutting edge disco - This Is: Daft Punk.
The most influential performer of them all in rhythm-and-blues + rock 'n' roll music, and the sole &quot;father of rock 'n' roll”. R.I.P. Chuck Berry
These memorable songs will get you started on the breathtaking career of the Nobel Prize-winning <a href="spotify:artist:74ASZWbe4lXaubB36ztrGX">Robert Zimmerman</a>.
Never to be outshined, the legacy of Chris Cornell will live on forever. His inimitable voice and music changed a generation and beyond.
The legendary <a href="spotify:artist:22bE4uQ6baNwSHPVcDxLCe">rock band</a>'s essential tracks, all in 1 playlist.
The <a href="spotify:artist:3oDbviiivRWhXwIE8hxkVV">group</a> from Hawthorne, CA, redefined pop with experimental production and vocal harmonies that have rarely been rivaled.
Soul, pop, R&B, jazz—it’s all at the fingertips of <a href="spotify:artist:7guDJrEfX3qb6FEbdPA5qi">Stevland Morris</a> from Saginaw, MI, the musical wonder who made his recording debut at 11.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and music of his Purple Highness, Prince Rogers Nelson!
This is the essential Muse.
Founder of AC/DC Malcolm Young (1953-2017) R.I.P.
The 90s Renaissance of Rock was a golden age of music that will continue to live on through these iconic songs, and all the bands it influenced. Rest in Peace, Chris Cornell. Your legacy lives on forever.
All your favorites from the original Blade Runner as well as the new hits from Blade Runner 2049, out now!
Taking you down to the underground since before it was cool. Tech house and bass for your face. Follow for more <a href="https://open.spotify.com/user/myplay.com">Filtr</a> playlists!
A decade that spawned a clash of styles and some of music's greatest icons thanks to Punk, Disco, New Wave and good old fashioned Rock 'n' Roll.
The 1950's were a time of changes and the music of the decade saw the birth of Rock ’n’ Roll, Rockabilly and Rhythm &amp; Blues.
The essential tracks from a decade of revolution. British Beat, The Summer of Love, Motown and much more besides...
And with her look back on the past Imperceptible, she faded away. Maybe she is not real, maybe.